Reducing food waste with rapid diagnostics

The farming model of the future

Technology will significantly change the farming model of the future. Learn more on how rapid diagnostic tools play their part in improving animal health and reducing food waste.

The average livestock or fish diet contains over over thirty different ingredients, often sourced from all over the world. The quality of these raw materials can vary greatly, impacting the nutritional value and efficiency of diets.

Our near-infrared (NIR) spectrometry gives an instant and accurate analysis of the quality and composition of feed ingredients. NIR is an inexpensive test method that gives the same level of accuracy as traditional lab analyses within minutes, instead of several days.

Mycotoxins in crops caused by adverse weather conditions are another threath to feed quality and animal health.

We developed a rapid analysis reader (the Mycomaster) that gives an instant and reliable indication of mycotoxin contamination, allowing farmers and feed mills to take immediate appropriate action.

This form of rapid diagnostics prevents mycotoxins to have a negative effect on feed quality and animal health, and avoid the discard of valuable raw materials.