Skretting commits to insect meal volume from Protix at grand opening event

12 June 2019

  • Skretting has committed to volume from Protix that could see up to 5.5 million servings of salmon brought to market per year containing insect meal
  • A 30 million tonne projected increase in aquaculture production in the near future means there will be a need for an additional 45 million tonnes of raw materials 
  • Commercial production of insect meal can help to meet this demand in a sustainable way, contributing to a circular bioeconomy

Today, insect breeder Protix unveiled its state-of-the-art insect production facility in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands. The event was attended by His Majesty King Willem-Alexander among other guests, including Dr Jenna Bowyer, Skretting Project Procurement Manager, and Jose Villalon, Nutreco Corporate Sustainability more here.