Nutreco becomes a global partner of fodjan

13 November 2018

fodjan, a developer of digital solutions for more efficient feeding management in livestock farming, has today announced it’s secured a partnership with Nutreco.

According to fodjan’s CEO Carsten Gieseler, farmers, advisors and the related industry will benefit as a result of the partnership. "This offers us a great opportunity to move towards a feeding platform that will be well connected, smart and easy to use,” he said. “Users will have the chance to upgrade their feeding performance thanks to a more efficient, transparent and data-driven feeding management system."

Nutreco first came across fodjan as part of its Feed Tech Challenge, in which startups compete to win a proof-of-concept trial in one of Nutreco’s facilities. "Ever since fodjan participated in the Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge, we have been impressed with their ability to deliver nutritional insight to farmers effectively," said CEO Rob Koremans. “We believe partnering with fodjan fits very well with our ambition to become an on-farm solutions provider and are looking forward to working with the team to deploy their solution in the various international markets in which we are active."

 fodjan also announced a global partnership today with Schaumann, a feeding specialist.